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Electricity Meter

Electricity Meter

Electricity meter is also known as electric meter or energy meter. It is a kind of meter for measuring electrical energy. It collects the voltage and current of the power supply, converts the data into pulse output (proportional to the electrical energy) and have the data displayed on a register or a digital display.

Compared with mechanical meter, electricity meter owns great advantages like good anti-tamper performance, high precision, good load characteristics, and particularly, high flexibility and more relative functions.

Zhejiang Lixin Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at Yueqing city, Zhejiang province. As a professional electricity meter manufacturer, we specialize in producing single phase electricity meter, three phase electricity meter, prepaid electricity meter, and multi-rate electricity meter. Our electricity meters are greatly demanded in South Africa, Greece, the Netherlands, Philippines, Peru, Mexico, etc.

With ten years of experience in manufacturing electricity meters, we are able to offer you high quality electricity meters at low prices. We are able to save shipping cost and time by delivering our products by air, by sea or by land. At Lixin, we look forward to a chance to work with you. Please feel free to contact us at +86 577 62750366.