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Prepaid Meter

    1. DDSY238 Single Phase Prepaid KWH MeterThis electricity meter is utilized for measuring single phase two wire or three wire AC active energy. Manufactured by SMT process, it satisfies the international standards of IEC62053-21 and ANSI.
    1. DT(S)SY238 Three Phase Prepaid KWH MeterThis electric energy meter is used for measuring three phase three wire or four wire AC active energy, perfect for three phase electric devices and small or medium-sized enterprises and institutions, commercial and residential users who are charged by flat rate tariff. IC card is available for prepayment management.

Prepaid Electricity Meter

Prepaid electricity meter, or prepayment electricity meter, IC card electricity meter, is a kind of electricity meter which is used to measure and control the power consumption in an electrical network. It has regular measuring functions as other electricity meters. Its feature is that the user of prepaid electricity meter has to prepay the money before using the power. As a new type of electricity meter, it is widely used in domestic and industrial applications for adjusting the power load, commercializing electricity and easy charging of the electricity bill.

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