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Multi-rate Meter

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

    1. DDSF238 Single Phase Multi-rate KWH Meter DDSF238 single phase multi-rate KWH meter produced by Lixin, an electricity meter supplier, is composed of the electronic single-phase KWH meter part and multi-rate part, LCD display, infrared or RS485 communication. It is of high accuracy, good stability and over-load ability and ...
    1. DSSF238, DTSF238 Three Phase Multi-rate KWH Meter DSSF238, DTSF238 three phase multi-rate KWH meter is available with many advanced technologies like energy measuring chips, multi-rate technology, data sampling and SMT technology. It is designed on the basis of the practical situation of the dwellers. Each element of ...

Multi-rate Electricity Meter

Multi-rate electricity meter is also known as time-sharing electricity meter. According to different electricity demand of the day, it is applied to measure the electricity consumption in different periods of time and record the data as basis of electricity billing. Multi-rate electricity meter is originally applied to industrial uses. However, with the increasing electricity demand for family uses and electricity market reform, multi-rate electricity meter is increasingly popular in the market.

As a multi-rate meter manufacturer and supplier, we have obtained ISO and CE certificates and our meter products have been widely accepted in different countries. We have the ability to satisfy your demands for different kinds of electricity meter, like multi-rate electricity meter, prepaid electricity meter and so on. Welcome to visit our website and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any of our products.